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From the manuscript of Eliphas Levi

EVERY idle word is a fault.

Show your learning by your actions.

The Word is Life, and the First Principle of Life. The quality of a life is shown by its actions.

An idle word is either without meaning or is of the nature of a lie.

An idle word in religious matters is a sin.

He who is content with idle words is as if he were dead.

He who does not make his worship manifest has no religion.

Better is superstition than impiety.

God judges actions rather than vain thoughts.

He who is religious will do works which accord with the Word of his religion; he who has no religion and believes not in any word, yet he also must be judged by his actions, for to every man shall it be according to his works.

True religion is that which showeth a form of worship which is pure and living; the perfection of worship, however, lieth in self-sacrifice, which is complete and enduring.

The beauty of self-sacrifice is taught in the Church of Christ, Catholic and Roman; and it is an article of faith, that anyone who denies himself and takes up this cross, and follows the Mediator to the Altar, assumes at once the offices both of Priest and Victim.

No man ever saw GOD at any time.

Before the dawn of the Microcosm, Azoth was the Flying Eagle and the Royal Lion; it was the Mastodon of the Earth and the Leviathan of the Sea. When the human-headed Sphynx appeared – Azoth became Man among men, and Spirits among Elementals. Every substance can and should become Azoth by adaptation.

In Azoth is the Principle of the Light, which is the Quintessence of Splendour and Gold. This is the grand Secret of universal Transmutation.


No man has ever seen the Light; but we see by reason of it those objects which reflect the light.

There is nothing occult which shall not be known; there is nothing concealed which shall not be revealed.

The Kingdom of God is within us.

Initiation passes from East to West. Intelligence passes from South to North. Power passes from North to South.

The Word is the garment of the Truth.

God wields not absolute, but regulated power.

To tell the Truth to those who cannot understand it, is to lie to them. To unveil the Truth to such persons is to profane it.



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Det väsentliga

”En människa med anlag för inre sökande känner man igen på följande: högre än vilken som helst framgång sätter hon misslyckandet, hon eftersträvar det till och med, omedvetet vill säga. Misslyckandet, som alltid är det väsentliga, avslöjar oss nämligen för oss själva och gör det möjligt att se oss själva så som Gud ser oss, medan framgången i stället avlägsnar oss från det som är djupast dolt inom oss själva och i allt annat.”

– Cioran.

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Jukebox december 2007

Spellista December 2007:

Jenny Scheinman: Nigun (spår från skivan Shalagaster)
Chris Potter Quartet: Lift – Live At The Village Vanguard (album)
The Dillinger Escape Plan: Ire Works (album)
Richard Lawley: Tonight the Streets Are Ours (spår från skivan Lady’s Bridge)
Robert Glasper: In My Element (album)
Howlin Wolf: The Chess Box (3 cd)
Tenniscoats: Tan-Tan Therapy (album)
Eric Malmberg: Verklighet & Beat (album)
Bat For Lashes: Sad Eyes (spår från skivan Fur and Gold)
Kultivator: Barndomens stigar (album)
Robert Wyatt: Stay Tuned (spår från skivan Comicopera)

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A shared experience


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Vincent Gallo i all ära men det är Béatrice Dalle som äger Claire Denis överestetiserade mörkerfilm Trouble every day (2001). Dalles kannibal skimrar som en stilett i denna film som skär igenom de flesta kategoriseringar ditt uppspärrade öga så gärna vill sortera in den i. Vilsamheten i kameraföringen, de nedtonade miljövalen (inte mycket vittnar om att vi befinner oss i Paris) och inte minst Tindersticks kongeniala soundtrack kontrasterar mot våldseruptionerna som återkommer med matematisk precision. Den enda jämförelsen – när det gäller känslan av AVKLÄDD APOKALYPS [hur början på slutet måste och redan har blotta(t) sig i det mellanmänskliga först] – jag kan släpa fram i mitt begränsade lilla referenssystem är Gisele Viennes performanceverk Kindertotenlieder som jag var lycklig att få se på Dansens hus tidigare i höstas.

Läs mer om Trouble every day här, här och här.

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The End’s Not Near

The end’s not near
It’s here
Spread the cheer
And watch the millenarians
Throw a party for a thousand years

You won’t see the pious praying
They’ll be too busy flaying
All the martyrs with better ways
To stop the world decaying

If you call me I won’t be home
I’m hiding from the kingdom come
They can’t see everything on earth
With the satellites and the roving drones

This is why hell is underground
Like a reclaimed bad part of town
We don’t want to lose our souls
We’re the saints who don’t want to be found

-Matt Kadane

The New Year

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